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The false ceiling is also known as suspended or dropped ceilings are becoming a very popular choice among Indian homes.
Many new-build apartments and residences must have one, especially in living rooms. And most people consult providers of false ceiling designs in Delhi to make it look professional and highly decorative.
Earlier this was used only in commercial spaces, now it is becoming more and more popular in the residential homes as well. Such is the modern solution to traditional architectural needs.

False ceilings Types and Materials

These ceilings come in different types and materials. They are often chosen based on their use and how well they blend with the overall look of the space and material. The best you can do for your apartment is to take consultation from the corporate office designers. The gypsum ceiling for an instance can be used for a living room as it is lightweight and can be easily module as per your convenience. It may not be ideal for offices or other commercial spaces. On the other hand, metal ceilings are used in office and retail places.

What are the advantages of False ceilings?

The following are some pros of false ceilings:

1. It provides a neat and uniform look to interior spaces. It hides different kinds of unflattering wirings very well, electrical wiring, network cables, lighting fixtures. You can install different types of lighting without worrying about the location of the outlets.

2. Installing ambient lighting becomes easy in a room with a false ceiling. Everything from recessed lights to track lights and cove lights can be cleverly incorporated in the ceiling.

3. If you are worried about your electricity bill then encase LED bulbs fitted in the ceiling can help in decreasing the same.

4. In case of fire, the false ceiling creates compartments that prevent the fire from spreading quickly.

5. If the ceiling in a room is especially high, lowering it with a suspended ceiling will make it feel cozier. Having any question or requirement then Complete Homes can help you with it feel free to connect with us

POP False Ceiling Design

POP False Ceilings

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Wooden False Ceilings

Gypsum False Ceiling Design

Gypsum False Ceilings

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PVC False Ceilings

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Glass False Ceilings

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